Software Assurance

For Microsoft Dynamics 365 AddOns from


The software products are maintained and further developed. The Software Assurance ensures longterm smooth and trouble free operation of our addons.

  • No license costs for upgrades
  • Migration costs for new CRM versions are plannable
  • Right to get all upgrades when new CRM versions are released
  • All updates are automatically available when released


The Software Assurance contains:


  • Technology updates (e. g. new browsers, new versions of MS CRM)
  • Functional updates (e. g. new use cases)
  • Patches (maintenance)

Not included are maintenance work caused by third-party suppliers for interface addons.


The Software Assurance includes making available of updates on the server (software maintenance) and not the installation and configuration of the addons on the customer system (support). AddOn Releases / Updates are in general done without prior notice and can vary depending form region, offer, usage, version or language.


The customer or partner can directly download and install the updates from the installed addon or via


18 % per year of the sum of all ordered addon licences

Contract duration

The contract starts with the order of the license and runs until the end of the following calendar year. Without any cancellation the contract re-activates automatically for an additional calendar year.


First period: Starting from the order of the license the invoiced amount is calculated pro rata in advance until the end of the following calendar year.
Following periods: The Software Assurance will be invoiced in advance for one calendar year at the start of the calendar year. 


The Software Assurance will be activated following the payment and downloaded automatically when the addon configuration frontend is opened the next time after.


Regularly both side:
Three months befor end of contract period by email or letter to

Iregularly only side of
The manufacturer may extraordinarily terminate the Software Assurance with immidiate effect and withoud any cancelation period if there is an unauthorized use of programm code with respect to the addon(s).

Migration of AddOns to new MS CRM / Dynamics 365 Versions reserves the right to stop migration of a CRM addon to new versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365 for the following reasons:

  • The addon functionality is already integrated in the new release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365 in identical or similar form.
  • End of the 5-year standard support lifecycle after the initial release of a Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365 version (see
  • The predicted demand for the AddOn on the new release is disproportionate to the development costs.
  • Any Reasons

In this case, will patch the addon in the present version during the two years following the release of the new version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365.
Reserved are customer-specific modifications/extensions/migrations of addons (Custom AddOns) in agreement with after proposal at the expense of the customer.

New Versions of MS Dynamics CRM

The customer decides if and at what time he wishes to migrate to a new version of Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM. His decision may be influenced by

  • the compatibility of the basic infrastructure (server/clients) with the requirements of the new version
  • the wish to use the new functionalities included in the new version
  • discontinuation of the support by Microsoft for old versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365
  • other reasons.

If the client retains the old version after a new version of MS Dynamics 365/CRM has been released, ensures the functionality of the addons for the old version for two years from release of the new version.

This service focuses on smooth operations, namely bugfixing. The decision whether new functionalities for old versions are made available, lies soley with