Route Planner

Visualization of locations and calculation of optimal routes

Route Planner Route Planner

Visualization of locations and calculation of optimal routes


Visualize the locations of your customers and contact partners on the map (BingMap).

  • Reduce your travel time and costs through optimum route planning for customer visits.
  • Schedule dates directly from the map.
  • Use geographical information and visualization to manage your customer relations and reduce your sales and service costs.


The add-on visualizes the locations of CRM companies, contacts as well as leads including freely selectable CRM attributes (e.g. turnover, last visit, sector etc.) on the map.
Dates can be entered directly on the map and are linked automatically to the contact/lead/company.
Routes leading to a destination point or address, or a selection of several destination points such as e.g., "Today I am in the surrounding area of Berne and I want to visit all customers whom I have not met this year. Calculate the optimum route for me“, are calculated automatically and visualized.
Corresponding to calculated routes, one can display the addresses in the optimum sequence (for the entry in the navigation system) or the complete travel description and print it.

Selection possibilities of the starting and ending point of the route are

  • the address of the business unit of the user (office location)
  • the private address of the user or
  • the first / last destination point

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Version 4.2.0
Date of publication 08.12.2010
Language * DE / EN

* Additional languages can be provided on request