Objective evaluation of sales opportunities

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Objective evaluation of sales opportunities

Start situation

How can a sales opportunity be evaluated objectively?
Using sales phases? But why should the probability of winning of a sales opportunity with a customer, without a strong relationship but with an offer, be greater than that of a customer who is related but does not have an offer as of yet?
Through the subjective assessment of field staff?


To evaluate sales opportunities as objectively as possible, based on a standardized questionnaire that is to be answered from the customer's point of view.

Basic functionality

The add-on allows the administrator to configure a catalogue of questions with answers.
Every answer is weighted with a certain number of points.
Depending on the answers given, the total number of points increases or decreases.
This total score is converted into a percentage value.
The employee who is in contact with the customer will then be compelled to pose the "right" questions to the customer.

Calculated indicators

Objectively derived total score as well as the percentage value after conversion: for assessing the probability of winning a sales opportunity and hence enabling advance capacity and finance planning.

Extended functionality

The add-on can be used for all the standard and custom entities but not for the sales opportunities.
This can be used, for instance, for rating requests, offers, etc.


  • Objectively evaluated sales opportunities
  • Greater reliability of planning
  • Conducted customer meetings have a greater chance of being realized as opportunities

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Version 4.1.0
Date of publication 27.05.2010
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