Marketing List Hierarchy

Add hierarchical keywords to accounts, contacts and leads with a simple click

Marketing List Hierarchy Marketing List Hierarchy

Add hierarchical keywords to accounts, contacts and leads with a simple click

Start situation

Do you work with marketing lists in Microsoft Dynamics CRM?
Have you ever felt irritated at the amount of time it takes to assign a marketing list (and with it, a property, a key word or a mailing list) to a company, a contact or a lead ?


Thanks to the MarketingListHierarchy add-on, you can create hierarchies of marketing lists easily and quickly (trees with branches).

Assign properties or marketing lists to contacts, companies and leads at the click of a button. You can define the hierarchy level at which the user can assign properties (e.g., if the user selects the "Hotel" property, he must also specify whether it is a 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 star hotel). For obvious reasons, the higher level marketing lists are then linked to the company, contact or lead automatically.

Furthermore, the add-on offers the user search options on the basis of the tree.
To do this, he only needs to click on the key words in the hierarchy tree and select the logical connector type (AND/OR). By doing so, the user has created a new personal view in no time.
I want to search e.g., all hotels with an event area and all restaurants with discos. Or all hotels with an events area that also have a restaurant with disco facility.

Another highlight of the add-on: Such logical AND connections of marketing lists are normally not possible in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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Version 4.1.3
Date of publication 14.02.2010
Language * DE / EN

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