Invoicing Up Front, directly in the CRM System

Invoicing Invoicing

Invoicing Up Front, directly in the CRM System


Let the front office invoice the customer directly! More often than not, they know the customer and the service delivered the best. In the process you also save the money intended for an ERP system. Thanks to Invoicing add-on, you can now directly invoice and process reminders (dunnings) in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


With a few mouse clicks you can create invoices with invoice header and invoice items based on the product catalogue of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The invoice can then be exported to Microsoft Word and by a single mouse click (if necessary, with a copy for accounting). Various invoice templates for different company units and/or users are also available, which can be automatically called or manually selected.

The add-on supports different VAT rates for various product groups as well as calculation of VAT rate depending on the location of the customer.

The user is assisted in Reminder Management (Dunning). Due dates are calculated automatically on the basis of payment terms stored by the customer as well as general or customer-specific goodwill periods. Separate views visualize the invoices of the user that are overdue and/or are to be sent reminders (dunned). In addition, the AddOn can notify defined users on overdue invoices using tasks or a specific DLL can be called.

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The Software Assurance ensures smooth and trouble free running of the AddOns. Profit from always up-to-date technology updates, like new versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365, functional updates and patches.

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AddOn Invoicing-Discounting
Server license < 51 User 1900 CHF
Server license < 201 User 2850 CHF
AddOn Invoicing
Server license < 51 User 1900 CHF
Server license < 101 User 2850 CHF
Server license < 201 User 3800 CHF

Annual Software Assurance is 18% of the license price

In case your CRM has a higher amount of users or you would like to receive an individual offer, please contact us directly.

Version 4.3.0
Date of publication 08.12.2010
Language * DE / EN

* Additional languages can be provided on request