Geo Scheduler

Automated suggestion of appointments with a simple click

Geo Scheduler

Automated suggestion of appointments with a simple click

Start situation

Planning appointments for field staff is a complex and laborious task that requires an optimum tour planning, involving various parameters such as the availability of the field staff, availability of the customer, geography, or travel times, appointments that have been fixed already in the vicinity, new appointments, working hours, breaks, holidays, etc.
CRM-solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM basically enable scheduling of appointments, but they are totally devoid of intelligence.
Call centers that schedule appointments for field staff, in particular, could save a lot of time with automated appointment suggestions and help the staff attend to more calls.


The add-on called GeoScheduler allows users to make automatic suggestions for appointments with customers through the mere click of a button.
The suggestions are based on the following parameters:

  • Already planned routes (that is, new appointments are scheduled before or after an already fixed appointment in the same area)
  • Travel times between two appointments
  • Transfer times between the starting point/end point (e.g. office, home, etc.) and the first/last appointment
  • Availability
  • Working hours, holidays and breaks
  • pertaining to the user.


The add-on is used by:

  • Call centres that book appointments for field staff
  • Field staff who book their own appointments


Visually, the add-on adds an additional “Suggest appointment” button to the appointment.
The user independently determines the time after which suggestions should be offered by entering a date with or without a specified time.
Upon clicking on the “Suggest appointment” button for the first time, the most optimum appointment (which can be found within the time interval from the specified date and within the configured interval (e.g. 30 days)).
With every additional click on the “Suggest appointment” button, an appointment that comes closest is suggested (which is either as optimal as the one suggested previously, or one degree less optimal).
The user goes on clicking on the “Suggest appointment” button until an appointment that suits both the user and the customer is found.
He then saves the appointment.
The suggestions are computed based on geographic information systems (GIS).
Almost all parameters such as starting points /end points, vacations, working hours, breaks, etc. can be configured individually for every user.

Usage-fee depends on extent of usage. Maximum costs are 85 EUR / 99 CHF per user.


  • Optimised route planning
  • Reduced travel times
  • Increased number of appointments per unit time
  • Reduced budgets for travel expense allowances
  • Less time invested in planning appointments

Supplementary add-ons

The GeoScheduler is an add-on that works ideally with the add-ons MeetingManagement and RoutePlanner.

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AddOn GeoScheduler
Server license < 51 User 1900 CHF
Server license < 101 User 2850 CHF
Server license < 201 User 3800 CHF

Annual Software Assurance is 18% of the license price

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Version 4.1.0
Date of publication 15.04.2010
Language * DE / EN

* Additional languages can be provided on request