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Import Documents in Any Entities

Document Importer Document Importer

Import Documents in Any Entities

Initial situation

Microsoft Dynamics CRM supports file-attachments to notes of any entities. However, documents can only be attached individually one by one.


Importing entire directories with documents into Microsoft Dynamics CRM entities (e.g. as part of a migration).


Thanks to the add-on, any given number of files can be imported into Microsoft Dynamics CRM entities. The file format is flexible; therefore, PDF, Office documents, scans, CAD drawings, product images, etc. can be imported.

These files are stored with a unique ID, e.g. customer number, item number, order number, etc. that is found in the target entity. The add-on fetches files from the directory and imports the documents to the corresponding CRM data records.

During the import, the ID contained in the file name is again removed automatically upon request.


One-time or flexible import of files. For migrations or as documents interface which presents documents generated by surrounding systems in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


The demo license allows a maximum of 20 files to be imported.

Additional Information

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Version 4.1.0
Date of publication 12.04.2010
Language * DE / EN

* Additional languages can be provided on request