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Master Data Updated Daily from the Phone Book in the CRM

Directories ETV Connect Directories ETV Connect

Master Data Updated Daily from the Phone Book in the CRM

Start situation

  • Nowadays more and more customer data is being collected.
  • This means high costs for printed matter, logistics and order cancellation due to poor address data quality.
  • The entry and update of customer data is time-consuming and somewhat boring.
  • Swisscom Directories offers up-to-date address data through CD-ROM and latest TCP/IP interface (Directories Access).


The add-on ETVSourceIntegration by Cybersystems allows efficient & effective management and a high level of master data quality using Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


  • Reduce the cost of data management
  • Improve the quality of your customer data
  • Save on printing and logistics cost
  • Improve the response rate of your postal mailing
  • Complete address data with phone, fax and e-mail addresses* at the click of a button

* If listed in the public telephone directory

Data sources/Requirements

The add-on supports the following data sources:

Advantages of ETV Access

  • Up-to-date and current data (compared to a CD which is usually approx.3 months behind)
  • Data of countries Switzerland, Principality of Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria, France (compared to CD with Switzerland and Liechtenstein)
  • Unique identification and tracking of relocation using ETV-ID

Disadvantages of ETV Access


Faster entry of new companies & contacts in the CRM
Enter one or more details of the new company or contact in the company or contact screen, e.g., a phone number being the easiest.

If your input is unique, the add-on adds the company or contact details immediately. If multiple entries are found, these are then displayed.

Click a button to select the company/contact to be added and automatically transfer the record to the CRM system.

Update companies and contacts at the click of a button
In the CRM system, click the "ETV" tab in the company screen to update the company address. Any missing details are updated with the information provided in the electronic phone directory.

The same action in the contact screen completes and updates the contact's private address. If the company or contact details cannot be uniquely identified based on the information listed stored in the phone directory, a Search Result List is displayed in which you can select the correct record.

Bulk update prior to mailings
Synchronize, update and complete or add your lists with the ETV data at the click of a button. E.g. selection prior to mailing to avoid delivery to wrong person and to increase the response rate.

Companies or contacts not listed in the electronic phone directory are separated and can be edited manually. Instead of having to manually edit 100% of data - depending on the quality of the existing address data - only 10-30% of data will have to be manually edited.

This helps you save costs of data entry accordingly.

Additional Information

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Always the adapted AddOn version!

The Software Assurance ensures smooth and trouble free running of the AddOns. Profit from always up-to-date technology updates, like new versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365, functional updates and patches.

Download & test Sales contact

AddOn EtvSuite
Server license < 51 User 1900 CHF
Server license < 101 User 2850 CHF
Server license < 201 User 3800 CHF

Annual Software Assurance is 18% of the license price

In case your CRM has a higher amount of users or you would like to receive an individual offer, please contact us directly.

Version 4.2.0
Date of publication 17.07.2011
Language * DE / EN

* Additional languages can be provided on request