Data Quality Source Plattform

Optimized Customer Data Quality thanks to Direct Access to a Number of External Data Sources

Data Quality Source Plattform Data Quality Source Plattform

Optimized Customer Data Quality thanks to Direct Access to a Number of External Data Sources

Now you can relieve your employees from time-consuming updates and additions to your customer master data!

The DataQualitySourcePlatform provides adapters for various external data sources to relieve you and your employees of having to maintain your customer master data and entry of potential new customers:

Potential new customers

Companies and contacts can be entered quickly and with a higher data quality based on little information (such as a phone number). This information can then be edited at any time.

Existing customers

Master data of existing customers can be updated at the click of a button and complemented with missing details provided by the sources.
You can perform updates either individually at the click of a button or for a number of selected companies and contacts, e.g. directly prior to bulk mailing.
Thanks to the DataQualitySourcePlatform you can now save costs

  • incurred for the entry of new customer data
  • of updating and addition of data of existing customers
  • of mailing returns caused by outdated details
  • of sales shortfall caused by non-delivery of mailing
  • and improve the quality and actuality of your customers' master data.


The add-on is an AJAX based platform for integration of any type of data sources in your CRM.
The add-on requires no customization and enables flexible mapping of CRM attributes to data source attributes.
The individual data sources can be connected in series, the processing order of these sources can be defined by the administrator.


Currently one adapter for ETV or the Directories/Telinfo CD ROMs and the Web Service ETV Access, which is updated daily, are available.
Additional adapters for other data sources are under development. Details of other adapters upon request.


The AddOn DataQualitySourcePlatform is exclusively available with the data source adapters.
Pricing is based on the required adapters. See, e.g. ETV Adapter.

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Version 4.2.0
Date of publication 04.01.2011
Language * DE / EN

* Additional languages can be provided on request