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Creditcheck with one click

Starting situation

As a Microsoft Dynamics CRM user, you have the new option to query a credit rating or to initiate a claim collection through a single mouse click.

All online services of can be used via Microsoft Dynamics CRM now.

The credit rating report or the ready-to-sign claim collection form with your already available address data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM is generated within seconds.

A short login is sufficient for using offers, and soon you can profit from all the options.

Protection against loss and increase in liquidity

The credit capacity of many companies drops during economically uncertain times. Losses on account of inability to make payment increase rapidly.

Customers request longer payment periods or installment options.

  • How can the paying capacity of new customers be determined quickly and cost-effectively?
  • How can the decline in the credit rating of a customer be monitored easily?
  • How can periods and installments be agreed upon and monitored effectively?

Solution offer offers the following services directly from Microsoft Dynamics CRM at the click of a button:

  • Credit rating- and economic information
  • Company monitoring (for early detection of change in credit rating)
  • Ready to sign claim collection request
  • Payment agreement (for installments)
How much does cost? is not free, but it provides professional information at favourable tariffs for evaluating new and existing customers. This way you can reduce losses even at an early stage.

With free registration, you receive a starting credit of CHF 25.— as well as extensive information on crucial questions in your overall customer management. Benefit from our professional offer and get safety and professional performance capability. - Your liquidity compass in turbulent times.

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