AD Password Changer

Independent user-assignment of CRM password

AD Password Changer AD Password Changer

Independent user-assignment of CRM password


The CRM user should be able to change the password, which is necessary for accessing the CRM-System, directly and on his own, in the CRM system GUI.


With the press of a button, the CRM allows the user to enter a personal password after entering the existing password.
The Active Directory password of the user is updated accordingly by the add-on.
Here, the add-on takes into account the password policies of the active directory (such as the complexity requirements such as number of characters, upper case and lower case, use of special characters, etc.).


The add-on is ideally suited for hosts who send an initial password to the users, which can then be changed individually by the users.

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Version 4.1.0
Date of publication 31.08.2010
Language * DE / EN

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