Define and execute tasks in flexible and timely manner

BatchTaskService BatchTaskService

Define and execute tasks in flexible and timely manner

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The Workflow Engine in Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides the option of initiating workflows; on time and flexible scheduling is, however, not available in the CRM. The "Batch Task Service" is a CRM administrator tool to define and execute tasks in flexible and timely manner, which have been defined in advance.


  • Timesavings through automated processes
  • Easy administration (execution by end user possible)
  • Error free execution of one-time or periodic CRM tasks without the risks involved with manual initiation
  • Detailed "logging" of the batch-related CRM activities


    The AddOn offers an additional navigation item to:

    • Create
    • Manage
    • Parameterize
    • Execute batch tasks

    Possibility for different status information is given (activated, paused, aborted). Tasks can be manually executed or automated scheduled.

    Use Cases

    The "Batch Task Service" can be used for various reasons:

      • Time-driven execution, enabling the running of "tasks" in the background at off-peak times. This is for example with interfaces that burden the system and which are run at night to reduce the impact on performance during the regular working hours.
      • Up-to-dateness, to ensure e.g. a continuous update of computed data, the batch task is to run in the background.
      • Assurance of an easy user interface, e.g. if in the case of system interfaces, a record task is to be started (single/one-time execution).


      Screenshots: Scheduling of a BatchTask
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      Screenshot: Triggering of a Batch Task
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      Version 8.6.4
      Date of publication 28.04.2016
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