Meeting Management

Enhance the Productivity of Scheduling and Reporting Appointments incl. Availability Check

Meeting Management Meeting Management

Enhance the Productivity of Scheduling and Reporting Appointments incl. Availability Check

Initial situation

Appointment planning and reporting

Microsoft Dynamics CRM supports the user during appointment planning and reporting. Appointment subjects and the appointment location must however be manually entered, although this information is already present in most cases under the contact/account/lead. In sales opportunities and queries, relevant information for the sales representatives can be maintained; however, this information will not be synchronized to the calendar on his or her cell phone.

Availability check

When creating appointments, Microsoft Dynamics CRM only checks the availability of the user in the CRM system. No availability check takes place in Microsoft Exchange, where, in any case, even appointments managed via Outlook such as private or internal appointments could be entered.


Appointment planning and reporting

The AddOn Meeting Management speeds up the process of appointment recording and reporting. In this regard, the add-on relieves the user of having to enter the appointment subject and location information and saves important information in the description.

The appointment information (subject, location, description) is synchronized in Microsoft Outlook and thus in Mobile Outlook as well. All important appointment information is thus available to the sales representative on the go as well. In case of delays in arrival or appointment postponements, the customer can also be contacted via telephone.

Availability check

The AddOn also contain a unidirectional interface between Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Dynamics CRM The AddOn allows configuration of messages of which appointment types, from Microsoft Exchange/Outlook, should be displayed in the CRM system and for which types they should not be displayed (available, busy, absent, tentative, no details).


  • Time saving for appointment planning and reporting
  • More time for inquiry due to relieving the sales representative of load
  • Faster access to relevant information for the sales person on the go
  • Usage of waiting times for appointment preparation
  • Better readiness of information when viewing work colleagues calendars
  • More efficient planning for sales representatives and call centers
  • Availability check / Consideration of private and internal appointments during appointment planning


Appointment planning and reporting

    • The field "location" is automatically filled with the address, location and phone number; the field "subject" with the account name (B2B) or the first name/last name combination (B2C).
    • In addition, CRM attributes from various entities (e. g. information on the sales opportunity to be discussed) will be synchronized in the appointment description, for preparation for the appointment by the sales representative on the go and without the help of the CRM system.

    Availability check

    • When planning appointments in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, warnings will be displayed in the CRM appointment screen if the user present for the appointment (entered in the field "organizer" in the appointment screen) has already entered another appointment for this time in the Microsoft Exchange Calendar.
    • The allocation of users in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Microsoft Exchange is based on their email address.
    • Currently, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and 2010 with SP1 are supported.

      Result - Meeting Management

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      Version 7.1.2
      Date of publication 30.03.2016
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