Image In Entity

Displays Images like Photos, Logos, Business Cards in CRM Masks

Image In Entity Image In Entity

Displays Images like Photos, Logos, Business Cards in CRM Masks

Start situation

Microsoft Dynamics CRM did not have any option for attaching images to masks till version 2011 and only had the option of integrating one image in version 2013 and above.


Using ImageInEntity, the administrator can now define image placeholders in any mask of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and position them accurately.


    • Displaying the increased recognition value of companies, contacts, products, enquiries, etc., thanks to the option of photos, company logos, product images, defects, etc., in CRM masks.
    • Preserving additional information in the form of images.
    • Increased user-friendliness, because authorised users can load images independently to the masks or replace them.


    • Authorised users (rights to make entries and/or changes to data records) can independently load / replace images by clicking on "Replace image" in the image placeholder.    
    • Supported file types are GIF, JPG, PNG (is checked while uploading).
    • The images are automatically resized to the size specified by the administrator while uploading (thumbnail).
    • The image is displayed in the original uploaded size when the thumbnail is clicked.

      Application examples

      ContactContact person's photo
      Scanned business card
      CompanyCompany logo
      General site plan
      ProductProduct image
      Component image
      EnquiriesVisualised image of a fault / defect

      Sample of displaying 2 images

      Sample for Implementation of two Images

      Additional Information

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      AddOn ImageInEntity
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      Version 7.1.2
      Date of publication 12.02.2016
      Language * DE / EN

      * Additional languages can be provided on request