Gender Complete

"GenderComplete“ Matches and Stores Automatically the Gender, Corresponding to the first Name

Gender Complete Gender Complete Free AddOn

"GenderComplete“ Matches and Stores Automatically the Gender, Corresponding to the first Name

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The objective of this AddOn is to simplify and expedite manual data entry on entity "contacts" and to prevent errors by automating the process.


    • Save time when entering (business) contacts
    • Speed up the input process
    • Complete and accurate and error-free CRM data
    • Gender information is essential when sending individualized newsletters. A missing gender specification (formal/informal) may lead to mistakes and complications during sending
    • Database update (with customizing)


    • When the first name is entered, "Gender Complete“ matches and stores the corresponding gender.
    • If the name is not known or if the related gender has not been uniquely  defined, then no gender information is stored.
    • Based on the stored gender characteristic, things like individualized newsletters are automatically addressed correctly.

      Automatically completed gender information

      DataQualitySourcePlatform (DQSP)

      The AddOn "GenderComplete" is one of several possible adapters for the DataQualitySourcePlatform. More adapters are available, please refer to e.g. D&B CRM Connect.

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      Version 7.1.0
      Date of publication 25.02.2015
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