Address Management

Scheduling and historizing of address changes

Address Management Address Management

Scheduling and historizing of address changes

Initial Situation

Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables the management of current addresses of accounts, contacts and leads.


The AddOn allows the scheduling and maintaining history of addresses or moving of accounts and contacts.


  • Already collect notifications about changes that lie in the future.
  • Maintain history of relocation or change of addresses of customers.
  • Change addresses temporarily, e.g. redirect post during holiday absence.


Address tracking (history)

If an address is adjusted on the contact or company form, are written the old address information in the expanded addresses and provide "valid until" date, so a historicization is traceable at any time.

Scheduling of address changes

AddOn "Address Management" the schedule of changes using the standard allows entity "More addresses". As soon as this registered "by" date was achieved on the screen, the new address is taken over by the AddOn "More addresses" in the main screen of the company / contact. The previously active address under "More addresses" is historicized date expiry date = today.

About the Schedule task freely definable frequency (E.g. daily) checks the actuality of addresses and executed accordingly.

Flexible configuration
  • Flexible configuration using address blocks or types
  • Mapping of address types of companies/contact address with “More Addresses”
  • Periodicity of execution of the process (e.g. daily, hourly etc.)

Additional columns through the usage of Address Management
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Additional Information

Always the adapted AddOn version!

The Software Assurance ensures smooth and trouble free running of the AddOns. Profit from always up-to-date technology updates, like new versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365, functional updates and patches.

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AddOn AddressManagement
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Server license < 201 User 1800 CHF

Annual Software Assurance is 18% of the license price

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Version 7.1.0
Date of publication 25.02.2015
Language * DE / EN

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