Zip Complete

The ZIP Module

Zip Complete Zip Complete

The ZIP Module

Initial situation

During standard installation all address details are stored as text fields in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


The zip code module "Zip Complete" offers the following additional functionality:

  • Auto-completion of records at the following field levels: Zip code, city, country and four other area fields such as canton / state, district, municipality, official/authorized

Result: AddOn ZipComplete

    • Improvement of address quality through automatically filled addresses on all objects
    • Completed addresses with zip code, city, country and up to four other regions
    • Correctly spelt data due to the predefined inputs to prevent typing errors
    • Availability of four instead of two "region fields" for more precise, geographical details
    • Choice for each field whether text or look-up fields are used
    • Dynamic management per country
    • Central customization for data changes for address in case look-up fields are used
    • Import of geo data, for example as Post data or GeoPostcodes (import and purchase of the data are not included in the module price)


      • Increase in data quality through enrichment of verified address information, the address quality is thus optimized across all impacted object
      • Easier input, as the data enrichment with the latest data takes place during the input and/or while saving
      • Saves time by relieving the employee/user of the CRM system as the data is automatically populated and no additional visual verification is required
      • Assured best possible data consistency
      • Guaranteed country-specific address configuration


        • Automatic population of defined fields (zip code, city and up to four associated regions) using the mandatory input zip code and/or city
        • Flexible population of the data, if multiple hits within the specified country exist for a single input of city or zip code, then the regions are populated and the field of the corresponding entity remains empty
        • Verification of all details while saving by the corresponding plug-in and, if required, user notification in form of an error message
        • Independent entry and management of any entities in the CRM


        Geodata / Import

        The data module is provided without country-specific data. The data acquisition and import can be performed by the customer, one of our partners or through directly (All expenses will be charged at cost)

        Additional Information

        Always the adapted AddOn version!

        The Software Assurance ensures smooth and trouble free running of the AddOns. Profit from always up-to-date technology updates, like new versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365, functional updates and patches.

        Download & test Sales contact

        AddOn ZipComplete
        Server license < 51 User 1900 CHF
        Server license < 101 User 2850 CHF
        Server license < 201 User 3800 CHF

        Annual Software Assurance is 18% of the license price

        In case your CRM has a higher amount of users or you would like to receive an individual offer, please contact us directly.

        Version 7.3.2
        Date of publication 03.11.2016
        Language * DE / EN

        * Additional languages can be provided on request