Reduce "Views" precisely to focus on the user relevant information

TeamBasedViews TeamBasedViews

Reduce "Views" precisely to focus on the user relevant information

Initial Situation

By default the CRM offers "views" to display data in form of tables. The "views" are differentiated by their particular ownerships:

  1. „System Views“, that are assigned to the entire CRM organization and are displayed and available to all users.
  2. „Userbased Views“, that are assigned to individual users (user-defined views). These are displayed only to the owner or those users whom the owner has granted access.


The „TeamBasedViews“ AddOn allows flexible assignment of which user is permitted to view which system views. This access definition is set at team level. E.g., a CRM user has access only to those views that are intended for his/her team.


If analyses are used by means of „views“ in larger, international organizations, then this causes the user to receive more information than required. I.e., instead of an information overview, an information overload occurs. In a worst-case scenario, information that was never intended for general use is made available. A restriction of the displayed data is therefore desired for reasons of improved user-friendliness and data security, in particular when accessing dashboards and reports.

AddOn TeamBasedViews optimizes CRM as follows:

  • Data security through a defined data access
  • Easier administration of access rights and privileges
  • Increased user-friendliness / usability through redundant data visualization
  • Increase in efficiency as the users can focus on the main information
  • Extension of the existing CRM right system to be able to restrict the views entity specifically


    The rights of all users are revoked by default. Next, the rights for each team / group are assigned, which allow access to defined "views". The deployed right system is additive. This means that a user who is granted a right in a group, will retain this right even if s/he is a member of a different group, which does not possess the same right. To ensure access for administrators at any time, the rights of the users with the security role / profile of a "System Admin" or "System Customizer" will not be restricted by definition.

    Result: TeamBasedViews

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    Version 7.1.0
    Date of publication 25.02.2015
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