Field Sync

Data-synchronization of all CRM standard and custom entities

Field Sync Field Sync

Data-synchronization of all CRM standard and custom entities

Initial situation

AddOn Field Sync (Field Synchronisation) allows to dublicate data in an easy way from one CRM-entity to another. In such a manner you have permanent up-to-date data, as soon as data was entered in CRM and automatically dublicated to the area wanted.


  • Optimization of data quality as data input errors are prevented
  • Saves time as redundant manual data input is eliminated
  • Automated processes make the CRM easy to use
  • Complete records as the data is automatically applied


 Example Senario

All <Contacts> living in Switzerland from the CRM-database are to be directly mailed using mail merge.


Due to an address update at <Account> level in the past, the business addresses of the <Contacts> working at the respective address could possibly not match the information on the <contact>.

The business address of the <Contacts> partly matches the main address of the company, but some of the <Contacts> have a postal address that is different from the main address.
The other option would have been to manually update all addresses.


The AddOn "Field Synchronization" automatically synchronizes the business address of the <Contacts> with the business address of the company's main address, for example. If required, an "IF-THEN" restriction can be applied (e.g., limit only to Swiss addresses, as shown in the example, or the option of enabling/disabling synchronization individually for each contact).

Additional benefit are cost safings out of the reason that less letter returns cause less fees for postage and packing.


Screenshot: AddOn Configuration of Settings
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Screenshot: View GUI
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Additional Information

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AddOn FieldSync
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