Employer History

Historize Employer Changes & Ensure Data Consistency

Employer History Employer History

Historize Employer Changes & Ensure Data Consistency

Initial situation

Maintaining history of communication activities on companies/accounts

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, history of communication activities such as e-mails, telephone calls, meetings, letters, faxes with contacts can be maintained. This history can also be viewed via the employing company (account), if:
a) the contact is linked with the company (employer/account) and/or
b) the communication activity was additionally linked to a sales opportunity, offer, order, invoice, request, etc. which is attached to the employer.

If the contact changes his employer (the contact is attached to a new company/account), the history on his present employer is lost, if the communication activities have not additionally been linked with entities that are in relation to the company/account. 

Maintaining history of employer changes on the contact

Normally Microsoft Dynamics CRM does not maintain history of job change, the relation of the contact to the former employer (company/account) is lost.


The AddOn Employer History offers the following benefits:

  1. Maintaining history of all the communication activities with contacts, i.e., e-mails, telephone calls, meetings, letters, fax, in addition to the company/account. If a contact changes the employer, history not only remains with him but is also linked to his former employer. 
  2. Maintaining history of job change
    All former employers of the contact are listed with from/to date of the employment period, including the function / role at that time.


Both sub-functionalities ot the AddOn can be activated or deactivated. The AddOn adds an account/company link to the communication activities - in addition to the contact link.

While changing the employer link on the contact, a history of the relation with the former company/account is maintained.

In this process, a new employment period is opened with the new employer with the start date and the present period with the old employer is closed with end date = today.

The function / role of the contact is recorded automatically into the concluded period.  

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Version 7.2.0
Date of publication 24.01.2017
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