Data Quality Source Plattform

Optimized Customer Data Quality thanks to Direct Access to a Number of External Data Sources

Data Quality Source Plattform Data Quality Source Plattform

Optimized Customer Data Quality thanks to Direct Access to a Number of External Data Sources


AddOn Data Quality Source Plattform (DQSP) is provided to integrate data sources in a quick and uncomplicated way into the CRM. Therefor adaptors are used to access data from a range of data providers like Dun & Bradstreet.

Enter data about new customer potential

"Companies" and "Contacts" can be captured giving very basic information (e.g. a phone number) quickly and with high data quality and later edited.

Enrich data from existing customers

Master data of existing customers is updated at the click of a button and completed with missing information - which can be provided by the source. At the same time you can perform updates individually at the click of a button or for a number of companies and contacts of a selection, e.g., directly prior to a bulk dispatch.

Thanks to the DataQualitySourcePlatform you save costs:

    • for the expenditure of gathering new customer data
    • for updating and expanding existing customer data   
    • for returns of mailings due to outdated information
    • for revenue losses due to the non-delivery of mailings
    • and improve the quality and currency of your customer master data.



    • Relieve your employees from the tedious task of updating and expanding customer master data
    • Simplified process for correcting CRM data guides automatically to an optimization of the CRM data quality.


    Adapter Integration

    The AddOn is an AJAX-based platform to integrate any data sources into the CRM.
    Target of DQSP is to provide a platform for the integration of the data from 3rd party providers via reliable adapters.
    The AddOn is customizing-neutral or enables flexible mapping of CRM attributes to data source attributes. The individual data sources can be inserted in series, the processing sequence of the sources can be defined by the administrator.


    The AddOn DataQualitySourcePlatform is offered exclusively in connection with data source adapters. Pricing is included in the related adapter.

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    Version 7.2.2
    Date of publication 22.08.2016
    Language * DE / EN

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