Service Case Invoicing

Create automatically invoices for a selection of closed cases at your fingertips

Service Case Invoicing Service Case Invoicing

Create automatically invoices for a selection of closed cases at your fingertips

Initial Situation

Using the “Service Case Invoicing” AddOn, all selected, closed and not yet invoiced cases can be invoiced periodically or at the click of a button. Thus, the standard functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is extended by this functionality.


In the AddOn “ServiceCaseInvoicing” you can define the parameters for the automated invoicing of the closed cases. In the entity cases you can then convert the closed cases with a click to invoices.

1. You can select closed cases:

  • e.g. all cases of a customer with closing date of last month
  • all cases for all customers closed last month
  • flexible selection of closed cases

2. The AddOn generates per customer for the selected cases

  • an invoice with selectable name, invoice state and date with the pricelist for the account.
  • per case an invoice item that:
  1. Subject = Subject name of the case and
  2. Product = a preselected product for all cases
  3. (can be defined within the settings)
  4. The value "number" with the time spent for the case (e.g. 1 for 1 hour, 0.5 for half hour, etc.)
  5. Is the case set with the value "no" on the field "invoicable" (field can be defined), the amount of this line item will be set automatically to 0 using a rebate.
  6. The date "delivered on" can be selected from a custom date field, the closing date of the case, or the date of the last activity for the case.

3. The AddOn generates a list of all invoices, that can be reviewed.

4. Already billed are selected by the AddOn (using activity) to prevent being invoiced during a second run.

Case GUI

Service Case Invoicing result

Additional AddOns

The AddOn AutoNumbering generates unique numerical and alpha-numeric numbers for entities to be used as customer number, offer number, order number, invoice number, request number etc.
The AddOn Invoicing generates an invoice in Winword at a mouse click.

Additional Information

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Version 5.1.0
Date of publication 22.11.2013
Language * DE / EN

* Additional languages can be provided on request