Geo Scheduler

Automated suggestion of appointments with a simple click

Geo Scheduler

Automated suggestion of appointments with a simple click

Initial situation

Scheduling of appointments for sales representatives/field staff is a complex and time consuming undertaking as the optimum route planning is dependent on various parameters like availability of sales representative/field staff, availability of customer, geographical location or travel times, already booked appointments being close to appointments to be made, working hours, breaks, holidays, etc.
CRM solutions like Microsoft Dynamics CRM generally help in booking of appointments but lack any intelligence. Special call centers that do scheduling for sales representatives/field staff can save a lot of time by using automated scheduling suggestions and can thus spend more time on calls.


  • Optimized route planning
  • Reduction in travel time
  • Increase in number of appointments for each time unit
  • Reduction in spending on travel expenses
  • Less time required for appointment planning


  • To determine a desired appointment (duration, participant, address) the appropriate date and time is displayed in a list.
  • Any planned routes, i.e. new appointments are made before or after any already schedule appointments in the same area or are ruled out (e.g. birthdays).
  • Availability check for existing appointments with user's Exchange/Outlook calendar (Requirement: see AddOn Meeting Management "Solution/Availability Check").
  • Limitation of the maximum travel time between two appointments is possible.
  • Configuration of transfer times and reserves between start and endpoint (e. g. office, at home, etc.) and the first/last appointment.
  • Availability.
  • Consideration of user's working hours, holidays, and (lunch) breaks.
  • Configurable globally for all users or individually for each user.
  • Definition of placeholder in addresses (e.g. SiZi 12" = "Spitalgasse 24, Bern").


  • Call centers that book appointments for representatives/field staff.
  • Sales representatives/field staff who schedule their appointments themselves.


After entering an address in the location attribute and hitting the “Schedule” button of the appointment, a list of scheduling suggestions is generated and displayed on the right. The suggestions are calculated based on geographical information (GIS). Almost all parameters like start/end points, holidays, working hours, breaks, etc. can be configured individually for each user. The suggested appointments are either sorted chronologically or by the most optimal route guidance where any already scheduled appointments in the locality are considered. After the user has chosen one of the suggested appointments, he clicks on it and the appointment information is automatically transferred to the form. The appointment can now be saved.

Additional Information

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AddOn GeoScheduler
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Version 5.1.1
Date of publication 11.03.2014
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