External Data Merger

Manual checking and merging of any two entities

External Data Merger External Data Merger

Manual checking and merging of any two entities


AddOn allows manual checking and merging of any two entities. 


The AddOn External Data Merger optimizes the CRM based on the following:

    • Optimization of Data Quality
    • User-friendly and easy to use
    • Save time when entering records
    • Quick overview of the differences in information between source and target entity
    • Automatically population of information from the source entity to the target entity, if the field of the target entity is empty
    • Automatic creation of entries when new data that does not yet exist in the CRM is checked


    Use Case 1 - Internal Data

    • Entities such as duplicate sales opportunities within the CRM are merged

    Use Case 2 - External Data

      • External data has to be imported into the CRM and then merged with existing CRM data. To check if the external data is better or the internal data, a manually check is done to verify which data is merged on the target entity.


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      AddOn ExternalDataMerger
      Server license < 51 User 1900 CHF
      Server license < 101 User 2850 CHF
      Server license < 201 User 3800 CHF

      Annual Software Assurance is 18% of the license price

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      Version 5.1.0
      Date of publication 07.12.2014
      Language * DE / EN

      * Additional languages can be provided on request