Auto Numbering

Generates unique Numbers for any Entities

Auto Numbering Auto Numbering

Generates unique Numbers for any Entities

Starting situation

Microsoft Dynamics CRM generates unique numbers exclusively for a selection of system entities. The numbers that are generated are alphanumeric, very long, rather inelegant and cannot be customized in a flexible manner.

Numbers are indispensable for search functions, interfaces and in print on documents for the unique identification of customers, requests, quotes, orders, invoices, installations, etc.


The AddOn called AutoNumbering generates unique numbers for various kinds of entities (System and Custom) for the use as customer-, request-, quote-, order- or invoice numbers etc.

Various numbering systems are supported, such as simple integers in ascending orders, combined numbers consisting of an increasing number and a timestamp, numbers that are reset when the year changes etc.

The same number master can be used as desired for several entities, e.g. as a unique, comprehensive customer number for companies and contacts or for business and individual customers. Optionally, integer fields or string fields can be used as targets. The numbers will be assigned automatically while creating new records. You can add a prefix and suffix to each number, e.g. INV-123456 or 123456-OIL.

The initialize functionality makes it possible to allocate numbers for already existing records without numbers. Thanks to the possibility of including separate assemblies/DLLs, there are no limits to the design of numbers.


  • Quick identification and locating of records.
  • Simplifying the internal and external communication.
  • Interfaces can be implemented without conflicts and duplicates.

Additional Information

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AddOn Autonumbering
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Version 5.2.1
Date of publication 18.11.2013
Language * DE / EN

* Additional languages can be provided on request