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ClickDimensions Email Marketing and Marketing Automation for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

ClickDimensions is the top-rated, Microsoft-certified marketing automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. ClickDimensions helps you learn more about your prospects by showing you what interests them on your site as well as making it easy to capture information about them through web forms once they are ready to share is ClickDimensions Partner in Switzerland and experiensed through execution of different ClickDimensions integration for different wellknow Swiss companies. Get in contact with us for further information.

ClickDimensions for Marketing - Generate, Qualify, Nurture

Email marketing embedded into Microsoft CRM and perfectly linked to leads, contacts, campaigns, marketing lists, visitor web tracking and more?

Marketers familiar with Microsoft CRM will appreciate being able to easily connect forms on their website to CRM - without creating duplicates. Tying landing pages to campaigns is easy, and triggering workflow from form submissions, file downloads or a lead’s general web activity is simple and familiar. Having all data in CRM is a welcome change because everything is nicely tied together and available for an endless realm of possibilities.

ClickDimensions for Sales - Prioritize, Connect, Close

Sales will be relieved to finally have an idea (before they call) of how interested a lead may be and what, in particular, caught their attention. ClickDimensions' lead and contact profiles show each visitor's score as well as the individual web and email events that indicate interest and intent. In addition, our social discovery provides information to help understand the lead and tailor your message.

ClickDimensions for Management - Measure, Refine

Management will like that guess work is now replaced by quantifiable campaign metrics. A quick review of a CRM marketing campaign record will easily reveal the number of form submissions, visits or page views that the campaign generated. When a marketing email is sent, it is easy to see (in real time) which recipients are coming to your site, specifically what interested them and how many converted.

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