AddOn Installation



1.    Solution-Overview

Open your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system and go to Settings and then to Solutions in the menu.
In the Solutions overview, click Import to open the import wizard.

Import AddOn
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2.    Upload ZIP-File

Select the Solution Package (ZIP) of the AddOn, which you have downloaded from and then press Next.

Select Zip-File
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3.    Solution Package Details

The content of the solution can optionally be checked.
After viewing the solution package details, click on Next.

View package solution
 Click image to enlarge AddOns are managed solutions. Means, AddOns cannot be modified beside configuration via provided settings. That fact allows to uninstall every AddOn without any trace.

4.    AddOn Update Installation

a)    In case you install an update, this information will be displayed during installation process.

Update Installation
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b)    In case of an update installation please activate “overwrite customizations”.

Import Options
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5.    Plug-in

Please hit the checkbox in the Import options. This is necessary to run Plug-ins, which is necessary for the complete functionality of the AddOn.
Then click on Next.
(Take care to disable the popup-blocker)

Import Option
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6.    Import

The import can take a minute

Waiting Screen
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7.    Log

You have now successfully imported the Solution. Warnings, if any, can be ignored. The pop-up can be closed by clicking on Close.

Import Result
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8.    AddOn Configuration

The AddOn has to be configured and the license has to be imported in the next step. To do this, open the appropriate solution in the solution-overview by double clicking on it.

Solution- / AddOn Overview
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9.    Registration

The configuration page will automatically open. After the essential registration process you automatically will be provided with information about new licenses and AddOn updates.
To do this, complete the form and click on Register / Update.

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An online connection is necessary for registration. In case your CRM-server has no access to the internet, please contact us directly to request an offline license.

Afterwards you will be routed to configuration of the AddOn.

10.    30-days trial version for free

After registration, you will automatically get a 30-day demo license.

General Settings - License
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If the AddOn is not according to your objective, it can traceless be uninstalled.
To do so press delete on the AddOn overview.

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11.    Registry Tabs

Tabs provide different type of information:
a) General: General information about the specific AddOn
b) Settings: Most of the AddOn require specific configurations, which can be made in the settings
c) License: License-Information
d) Support: Contact data for getting information about support and internal AddOn-log

Registry Tabs
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Enjoy your new AddOn!

License Purchase

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact in case of any question or additional information.  Either with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner or directly with